July 2009 Classes and Events

Arizona University of Magick:

Friday night classes at Alpha Books, 4532 N. 7th Street, Phoenix. Start at 7pm. $5 donation requested. Classes taught by Michael Crowley unless otherwise noted.

July 3 Introduction to Astrological Kabbalah

July 10 Elements and the Kabbalah

July 17 Planets and the Kabbalah

July 24 Zodiac Signs and the Kabbalah

July 31 Chakras (Body Power Centers) and the Kabbalah

Ritual Event at Mountain Center:

August 1 (Saturday) Burning Man Lammas Festival.   This is the tenth year the temple has had a ritual with political satire.  With the taking away of personal rights and freedoms over the years the temple thought it only fair that this year's recipient of this Burning Man Ritual will be the current administration as we say "SHUT UP AND PUT UP TO THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION" in reguard to the police state that has been created.  All are welcome to stuff the straw man with any and all messages you want to send.  The event will end with a symbolic burning of the effigy.  Gathering begins around 7pm, ritual to start at 9pm. Age 18+ and $5 donation requested.

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