June 2013 Class Schedule

Friday evening classes and discussion at Alpha Book Center (4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix AZ).  Classes on donation basis!  All begin at 7:00 pm and usually run about 1 hour.

June 07.   Introduction to the Power of Awesome Thinking Plan (tm) with Petros. A free preview of this latest, hottest success plan that's got everyone talking! Learn how to tap into your own powers of Awesome while banishing Lameness.

June 14. Solar Adorations with Petros. Learn this powerful fourfold method of invoking solar energies at any time of the day or night, to boost your magick quotient! Based on the Thelema teachings of Aleister Crowley.

June 21. Prophecies and Predictions with Katrina. Understand the messages and reasons for ancient prophecies, and find out what they really mean for us today!

June 28. Open Discussion. Bring your questions and concerns about any aspect of the magickal or spiritual path, and let the power of our initiated Group Mind find your answers! (If anyone is interested in teaching a specific topic, part of this evening's time will be devoted to a discussion of that topic, leaving the remainder for open discussion.)