May 2014 AUMM Classes

Friday Group at Alpha Book Center (4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix AZ)

All classes begin at 7pm and run 45 minutes to 1 hour. Suggested donation is $5.

May 02 Petros on Art and Magick
May 09 Petros on Music and Magick
May 16 Rob on Ancient Civilizations
May 23 Darrin on Discordianism
May 30 Open Discussion / Q&A With the Adepts


April 2014 Classes & Events

Friday Group at Alpha Book Center

Friday evening AUMM classes at Alpha Books (4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ).  Start at 7pm.  $5 donation requested.

04 Petros on Crowley's New Aeon and The Book of the Law
11 Brady on Alice Bailey's Seven Rays Theory
18 Fra. Val on Hebrew Letter Talismans
25 Sor. Katrina on Exorcism

Special Event at Mountain Temple Center (1533 E. Lupine Ave., Phoenix)

Sat 26: Beltane May Pole Gathering and Ritual.  Potluck!  Gathering begins around 8pm, ritual around 9pm. Bring food and/or beverage to share.