May 2011 Classes

Arizona University of Magick:

Friday night classes at Alpha Books, 4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix AZ. Start at 7pm. $5 donation requested. Classes taught by a rotating selection of AUM/MTC alumni.

May 6 Symbols of Ceremonial Magick. The images and meanings of this awesome
system of High Magick, some common, some rare. Taught by Avery.

May 13 The Art of Alchemy. Is Alchemy just a craft or does it teach the steps
to glory? Learn masterful techniques and formulas to transform your life. Taught
by Avery.

May 20 Shamanism and Trance. Common shamanistic teachings and medicine
wheels. We will also be conducting a trance journey. Have fun exploring the
other worlds. Taught by Linda.

May 27 Palmistry. A "hands on" workshop on palm reading. What do your palms
say about where you've been and where you are going? Taught by Avery.