Michael Crowley 1949-2010

High Magus Michael Crowley, director of Mountain Temple Center, died early this morning, Sunday September 19, 2010, at his home in Phoenix.  According to his wife Shari, he died peacefully in his sleep.

On Saturday night (the 18th), Mr. Crowley had a wonderful time directing the annual Tree of Life Fall Equinox Ritual at Mountain Temple.  About 30 people attended, and Mr. Crowley supervised the use of the infamous flaming swords.

Showing no evidence of illness, Michael was energetic and friendly the entire night.  He spoke with everyone, and all attendees were made to feel welcome at his temple for which he felt a huge pride and satisfaction due to all the years of hard work he put into it.

As the ritual ended and the night wore on, Michael made sure to say goodnight to each individual as he or she departed.  After everyone had gone home, shortly after midnight, Michael retired for the evening to his upper room to relax in preparation for Golden Dawn initiations which were scheduled for the next night.  In the morning, a friend attempted to wake him in his bed and found him completely unresponsive.  Authorities were called and Michael was officially pronounced dead. 

Michael Crowley is survived by his wife, Shari, and three sons.  The future of Mountain Temple Center and the Arizona University of Magick (AUM) is currently in limbo.  However, please note that there WILL be a requiem for Mike at our annual Day of the Dead Halloween celebration on Saturday, October 30.

For more information, or to offer your condolences or assistance in any way, please contact Shari at (602) 678-0644.


October Classes & Events

Arizona University of Magick:

Friday night classes at Alpha Books, 4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix AZ. Start at 7pm. $5 donation requested. Classes taught by Michael Crowley unless otherwise indicated.

DUE TO Michael Crowley's sudden and untimely death on September 19th, future Friday night classes at Alpha Books are currently suspended.  However, interested persons can gather together this Friday (24th) to discuss possible options, such as having revolving teachers (different people volunteering to teach something each week), informal discussion groups, or other ideas

Sept 24 The Future of Mountain Temple Center.  Open discussion.  No charge.

Special Event:

Oct 30 (Saturday) Day of the Dead Samhain Halloween Gathering and Ritual at Mountain Temple Center, 1533 E. Lupine Ave. Phoenix.  Gathering begins around 7pm, ritual to start at 9pm.  $5 donation requested.  18+ only.    This year will be a very special event commemorating the death of High Magus Michael Crowley on Sept. 19 of this year.  As the future of Mountain Temple is currently in limbo, this may also be the final year we hold this gathering.