Michael Crowley 1949-2010

High Magus Michael Crowley, director of Mountain Temple Center, died early this morning, Sunday September 19, 2010, at his home in Phoenix.  According to his wife Shari, he died peacefully in his sleep.

On Saturday night (the 18th), Mr. Crowley had a wonderful time directing the annual Tree of Life Fall Equinox Ritual at Mountain Temple.  About 30 people attended, and Mr. Crowley supervised the use of the infamous flaming swords.

Showing no evidence of illness, Michael was energetic and friendly the entire night.  He spoke with everyone, and all attendees were made to feel welcome at his temple for which he felt a huge pride and satisfaction due to all the years of hard work he put into it.

As the ritual ended and the night wore on, Michael made sure to say goodnight to each individual as he or she departed.  After everyone had gone home, shortly after midnight, Michael retired for the evening to his upper room to relax in preparation for Golden Dawn initiations which were scheduled for the next night.  In the morning, a friend attempted to wake him in his bed and found him completely unresponsive.  Authorities were called and Michael was officially pronounced dead. 

Michael Crowley is survived by his wife, Shari, and three sons.  The future of Mountain Temple Center and the Arizona University of Magick (AUM) is currently in limbo.  However, please note that there WILL be a requiem for Mike at our annual Day of the Dead Halloween celebration on Saturday, October 30.

For more information, or to offer your condolences or assistance in any way, please contact Shari at (602) 678-0644.


SuzanneBJacobson said...

I will always remember Mike as a fun loving kind of guy. I really hadn't gotten to know him well - circumstances kept me from ever being able to attend any gatherings at the Temple. My last real memory is a conversation I had with Mike at one of the last P.A.N. Samhain gatherings in Phoenix in the late 90's.

My thoughts are with Mike's family and close friends during this time. Blessed Be.

J. said...

As I was walking to my car Saturday evening after the Ritual, Michael stopped me to say Goodnight and give me a hug. It was the last I saw him. His last words of instruction to me were, "If you're going to have your own Temple, you need to speak up!" After I flubbed the LBRP.... Michael, RIP.
-Love, James Rakers

adam said...

I was just telling a friend about the Tree of Life Fall Equinox Ritual and saw the news.

I will miss him dearly. I've been planning to visit Phoenix recently and was going to make a point to see him. Amazing teacher and will be deeply missed.

RIP to the Hierophant and from the seeds of your works may you live on.

Anonymous said...

Michael remains in my memory, a great friend. He mentored me in a sense, early on in my magical "career".
I was given the task to aid him and be his Temple Inquistor for the Golden Dawn in 1995 by Dr Christopher Hyatt-at that time, the overall head of the order.
He imagined himself at odds with me from time to time, yet I had little or no consternation with him. Seemingly, sex magicians may wax competitive at times. Nonetheless,we did not have occasion to cross swords in recent years, sharing differences in opinion but always basking in Agape`.
He was a bastion of the magical community here and his efforts for the GD and ORC gave very much to very many.
I loved him as a brother and a friend.


Fr. Varhiss Senteade
7=4 ORC

Marcy Steele said...

I miss him very much. He has forever left his mark on my heart in the form of fond memories and good influences. He has left an eternal and beautiful legacy in many ways. I will remember him to others for the rest of my life. I will tell those who never knew him about how he lived with love, and testify to his exceptional character, warm and hospitable ways, and charming eccentricity. Bless him.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful man.

Rob Williams said...

Mike's lifetime here wasn't as long as I wish it was, but he certainly did do a lot of living while he was here. He was a mentor to me and told me how important it is to focus on my "work", my purpose that I was put on earth to fulfill, and when doing that a lot of other things we tend to worry about would fall into place. He will be missed and remembered.

leilah said...

Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis,

I offer my deepest condolences to the Mountain Temple Center, and to the students and family of Brother Michael. I enjoyed his lectures and wit and am deeply grateful for his contributions to the Golden Dawn tradition and to the Invisible College of which we are all students. Soror Inanna and I reactivated the Israel Regardie Foundation and Golden Dawn Research Society after Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt's death in 2008. While I could not attend your open discussion of the 24th, we would like to offer any assistance we can in continuing the future of the Mountain Temple Center.

Joshua Seraphim
Frater Annuit Coeptis, RR et AC
CEO Leilah Publications LLC

Avery said...

The Arizona University of Magick (AUM) is currently developing new curricula. The Friday night classes will continue and will include new subjects and material. Please attend to find out how you can become one of the teachers. In addition, new study programs and elective courses will be available soon. Contact Avery at secretmage@yahoo.com for more information or to find out how you can help.

Soror Inanna said...

I met Mike Crowley in around 1992, I had many interesting experiences at Mountain Temple. I really enjoyed the "burning Bush" ceremony, shortly after Bush was elected. We burned a large "George Bush" made from straw, and somehow the side of the mountain caught fire. Sherry took her IIIrd in OTO with me, I wish them the best.
Soror Inanna/Hooramentii.