August 2012 Classes

Aeonic University of Magick and Mysticism (AUMM)

Friday night discussions at Alpha Book Center (4532 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ).  By donation.  Start at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Aug 03 - Masonic Secrets Revealed with Avery

Aug 10 - Magistrix Templi Shari Crowley will provide an introduction and overview of Golden Dawn grade materials relating to the upcoming Philosophus degree rituals in September.

Aug 17 - Soror Kathy on Ancient Egyptian Costume

Aug 24 - Soror Kathy on Advanced Face Reading

Aug 31 - Soror Katrina explore the deeper mysteries of Voodoo Gnosis.

Upcoming in September: Fall Equinox Gathering at MTC (Sept. 22); Golden Dawn initiations (Sept. 23). Subject to change.

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